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Introducing littledrops CBD gummies

Support your best self with our premium CDB gummies, each of which is naturally flavored and comes infused with 20mg of broad spectrum CBD.

Why littledrops?

With thousands of people looking to optimise their wellbeing, CBD has quickly
become a booming industry, with a vast array of different product categories to
choose from.

Sadly this ‘goldrush’ has encouraged a number of poor-quality manufacturers,
and ‘me too’ products into the marketplace, all trying to take advantage of the
rising demand.

This means that numerous products out there are failing to meet the required
standards when it comes to product quality or potency.

When it comes to CBD edibles, there are a large number of manufacturers that
simply buy up large amounts of artificial gummies and then use a cheap process
to spray CBD to the outside of the product.

We would argue that such practices are unreliable and offer a high risk of the
product not containing what it claims it does.

Since it is impossible for customers to tell the difference, this can leave many
people Something that leaves many customers out of pocket.

At littledrops we’ve created something different…

Our aim is to break the taboo of CBD and to produce a product that delivers
whatever the circumstance, whoever the customer.

Our product uses completely natural hemp grown on farmland under the
Colorado sun, and is designed to cater to wide range of needs.

If you are wondering whether littledrops can help you, then it might help to know
that some of our most loyal customers include:

  • Busy Professionals
  • Athletic Competitors
  • Students
  • Full-time parents*

And whilst the majority of manufacturers use a cheap process to spray CBD onto
artificial, ‘off the shelf’ gummies.

We’ve broken the mould to create something totally bespoke.

Our uniquely shaped gummies are made in a custom mould and undergo a
bespoke process allowing each gummy to be lovingly infused with 20mg of
broad spectrum CBD.

Something that ensures you receive a properly concentrated product time and

Finally each edible is vacuum picked and cured to ensure the very best flavour,
consistency and all-round user experience.

What’s more…

Our team have built littledrops from the ground up to be a naturally flavoured,
vegan friendly edible.

Meaning each gumdrop is flavoured using ‘Blueberry terna tea’ and blended
using a fruit based pectin instead of gelatin.

Each gummy is produced in state registered, hemp licensed facilities using state
of the art equipment and strict manufacturing processes to guarantee a
consistently superior product.

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of a number of chemical compounds found in the hemp plant. The CBD in littledrops is known as full spectrum CBD as opposed to CBD Isolate. This means littledrops also includes essential oils as well as natural flavonoids and terpenes found within the plant.

Whilst Hemp is from the same family as Marijuana it contains far less THC – the Psychoactive ingredient – than its famous sibling. In fact, industrial hemp is defined by the fact that it has less than 0.3% THC content, which in case you are wondering is way under the required amount to make you high.

Reasons to love littledrops

We’ve developed a powerful little gummy with a delicious kick. Each box of littledrops delivers 600mg of pure CBD to support your daily needs.

100% Infused

At littledrops we never, ever spray or coat our gummies. Instead we use a proprietary process to infuse each and every gum drop, guaranteeing a properly concentrated product every time.

Vegan friendly, Natural flavorings

Many manufacturers use cheap, artificial gummies made with Gelatin for their CBD products. littledrops is different and uses a fruit pectin paired with natural ‘Ternatea’ flavorings to deliver a truly superior experience.

Organically grown CBD

littledrops are made using broad spectrum CBD grown on organic hemp farms under the Colorado sun. There’s no pesticides or additives, just the benefits of this miraculous little plant.

Third Party Tested

Before being shipped out each littledrop is put under the microscope in FDA registered labs, in order to ensure they includes exactly what we says they do and nothing else.

Use littledrops every day for a full ninety days and if it doesn’t work as described, simply send it back for a refund.

Each tub is made in state registered, CBD licensed facilities. Ensuring you get an effective and safe product.

We will ship your order either same day or next day using a tracked delivery service.