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About littledrops CBD gummies

With the market for CBD gummies expected to grow to $6.9 billion by 2025, it is clear that consumers are quickly turning to edible CBD products to support their health requirements.

In particular many customers are turning to highly concentrated gummies in order to benefit from safe yet effective doses of CBD.

Unfortunately, the sheer size of the market has resulted in a large number of poor quality products entering the market.

At littledrops we have taken a different approach in order to ensure unrivalled quality every time.

Benefits of littledrops CBD gummies  

littledrops have been designed as premium CBD edibles.

The aim of which is to deliver a superior CBD experience with a range of safe benefits.

Our delicious gummies are derived from organic hemp grown under the Colorado sun and make a great ‘on the go’ alternative to CBD tinctures and oils.

More importantly each and every gum drop goes through a proprietary process whereby they are infused with 20mg of full spectrum CBD.

This means you get a vastly superior product to the huge array of sprayed and coated gummies on the market.

The littledrops difference…

  • Infused CBD edibles for superior concentration
  • Convenient ‘on the go’ alternative to CBD oil
  • Vegan Friendly
  • All natural flavors and coloring

All natural flavors and vegan friendly

Hours of research have gone into formulating the perfect CBD edible.

Each littledrop is produced in a custom mould, vacuum picked and cured in order to create the very best flavor, potency and all-round user experience.

Unlike other gummies littledrops are 100% vegan friendly.

They use a high quality fruit pectin instead of gelatin, as well as a natural tea flavoring to deliver their delicious taste.

Our refreshing Blueberry gummies are completely free from additivies and artificial flavorings. You’ll also notice that each sweet comes with a tangy CBD kick, meaning you can be sure you are getting properly formulated product.

Third party tested

All of our batches are sample tested by a FDA registered third party testing house. This enables us to ensure that each and every product stands up when it comes to product potency and quality.

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